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The General Assembly of ECCIL 2021 was attended by approximately 65 members of ECCIL in person or via proxy of which 42 were ordinary members. The requirements regarding a quorum according to Article 8.4 of ECCIL’s Article of Association were thus fulfilled.

9 members of the ECCIL’s Executive Committee participated in the meeting in person, via online platform or via proxy.

Mr Arnaud CAULIER – ECCIL President, officially opened the General Assembly by reviewing the objectives and the achievements of two-years mandate of the current Executive Committee.

Mrs Ayaka Vu – Executive Director, was appointed as the Secretary of the meeting



The covered topics which were presented by Mr. Arnaud CAULIER – President, Mr. Anthony ASSASSA – Treasurer and Ms. Ayaka VU – Executive Director of ECCIL.

  • 2020 Activities report
  • 2020 Financial report
  • Approval of the 2020 Financial report
  • 2021 Action plan & Budget

There were 14 candidates who stood to run for the election for the mandate 2021-2023, in person or via proxy. Only ordinary members of good standing are eligible to vote and be elected. The Executive Committee consists of 6 to 11 members and are elected for 2 years, and at least 60% of the Committee Members must be nationals from the European States.

Each voting member can cast a vote for zero to eleven candidates, according to the member of candidates. To be elected, a candidate should totalize in his favor a minimum of 15% of the total votes expressed.

The vote on the election was held as a secret ballot and there were in total 42 votes expressed.


Following candidates were elected as Members of the Executive Committee:

Name Company
Mr. Francis CHAGNAUD Agroforex
Mr. Ferenc LEVAI ADC
Mr. Stephan GIL Bivac Lao
Mrs. Mette BOATMAN Civitas
Mr. Yvan BOLLIET Comin Asia
Mr. Lukasz NITKA J&C
Mr. Jean-Pierre GRZELCZYK Savan Logistics
Mr. Peter FOGDE Stora Enso
Mr. Chandavong SOUTHITHAM UniqTek

The newly elected Executive Committee consists of 11 members who will take their roles as mentioned and for a mandate of two years.

Download the minutes of the 2021 General Assembly Minutes General Assembly

Download the minutes of the Constituent Executive Committee Minutes Constituent Executive Committee