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During its Annual General Meeting in June in Brussels the worldwide network of the European Business Organizations elected ECCIL’s Executive Director, Dr. Ramon Bruesseler, as a member of the Board of Directors.

 There are currently 27 officially recognized European Chambers of Commerce which operate outside of the European Union and which form the “European Business Organizations World Wide Network” (EBOWWN). This network is an officially incorporated entity which is registered in Brussels. It has its own budget and its own 5 member-Board of Directors which serves for one year.

 Its current board directors are:

 Chairman: Mr. Renato Pacheco Neta, (EBO Brazil)

  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Adam Dunnett  (EBO China)
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. Freddie Hoeglund (EBO Taipei)
  • Treasurer: Dr. Ramon Bruesseler (EBO Laos)
  • Secretary: Mr. Gerry Constantino (EBO Philippines)