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GIZ and ECCIL successfully launch the Development and Implementation of a Hygiene Concept and Training for the Garment Sector in Lao PDR project.

GIZ and ECCIL successfully launch the Development and implementation of a hygiene concept and training for the garment sector in Lao PDR project on 30th August 2021 at Crowne Plaza.
The press conference was co-chaired by government officials including, Dr. Phonesavanh Philasouk from the Department of Communicable Disease Control, Ministry of Health, representative from Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare together with Mr. Xaybandith Rasphone, president of the Association of Lao Garment Industry and President of ECCIL, Mr. Peter Fogde. It was also attended by representatives from Lao garment factories and Enterprise and Development Consultants (EDC) team.

The press conference has introduced and explained both plan and how to implement the project briefly. Mr. Peter, president of ECCIL has mentioned the importance of the production of garment industry as one of the significant parts of economic development which need to keep operating with the guarantee of safety measures. While Dr. Phonesavanh also provided positive feedbacks of the project as another way of helping the community from preventing COVID-19 infection.

The main project goal is to capacitate garment manufacturers towards the compliance of anti-Covid-19 and future pandemics hygiene standards by means of context-appropriate (online) trainings for managers/internal trainers in garment production facilities (training of trainers) and educational awareness-raising videos.

Some of the target achievements are to have at least 20 production sites from the garment sector or upstream and downstream businesses participated in the online training, at least one educational video of 2-3 minutes of length has been produced that summarizes the hygiene measures for the garment production sites.

Before ending the session, Mr. Xaybandith also emphasized the importance of the project which truly help the community especially in Lao garment sector, one of the main sectors that helps strengthen economic development to keep operating. Mr. Xaybandith also admired GIZ for providing grant for several projects

Both organizations are trying their best in preparing the garment industry to be able to operate through the pandemic and have safety measure to prevent outbreaks