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Webinar on “Import of Pharmaceutical products in the new normal”, 25th June 2021

ECCIL has completed another insightful event, this event is specifically benefit the healthcare sector in Lao PDR. This event could not be done successfully without the contribution of our speakers from Our Platinum sponsor Savan Logistics, our member Tilleke & Gibbins, and ViengthongPhamar Vtp. Thank you very much for this insightful webinar! 🙏🏻

During the webinar, the speakers have provided us so many rich information from legal framework, process of registration to the practical key tips for importing pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. As well as answering questions from participants regarding challenging due to COVID 19 in healthcare sector.

In ECCIL Youtube channel, we has the recording of the whole webinar available!

The Q&A session is very useful for those involved in this industry, you can download the PDF version using download button below.