The Vat Phou Cruise, The Luangsay Lodge and Cruises

The Vat Phou Cruise, The Luangsay Lodge and Cruises
Contact Person: Latsamy
City: Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

The Mekong is the artery of life in Laos: a trading route, a source of food and water, and a social center for the settlements along its banks. Known locally as The Mother of Waters, the Mekong river has been venerated and worshiped for thousands of years.

The Vat Phou Cruises offer a fantastic opportunity to discover the splendor of the Mekong River and the Unesco World Heritage Vat Phou Temple on a delightful three-day voyage aboard a luxurious floating hotel.

Since 1999, our custom built river cruiser has traveled on the Mekong in Laos between Pakse, Champasak and Don Khong Island.
The boat is appointed with everything for your comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Our boat staff and guide are always available to help you with any need you may have during your cruise on the Mekong.