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Law on Value-Added Tax (Amended) Part I- General Provisions

This Law defines principles, regulations, methods and measures on the management and inspection of Value Added Tax to ensure that its implementation is effective to promote the production, business operations, investments, exportations, and supplies of goods and services aiming at increasing revenue to the State budget, creating conditions for regional and international integration and contributing […]

Pharmaceutical Industry Profile

Similar to the rest of the healthcare industry, historically pharmaceutical production in Lao PDR has been monopolized by state-owned enterprises and only recently has been gradually opened for private sector investment. The Investment Law (2009) identified drug production as a promoted sector for private sector investment. It has, however, been removed from the list of […]

ECCIL White Paper 2018: Healthcare System

The improvement of the Lao healthcare system is often stated as a key factor in the development of the Laos. It is a stated objective of the government to enact reform within the healthcare system by 2025, attempting to create a general improvement within the public healthcare system. Although the government has succeeded in providing […]

ECCIL White Paper 2018: Tourism

This white paper will focus upon ways in which the government can develop the ecotourism market. Ecotourism involves “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education.” As over 80% of visitors entered Laos for leisure with primary interest in nature and culture, […]

Briefing Note: Skills Gap

December 28, 2018 ECCIL News, News, White Papers 2017

As Laos grows economically, so too does the demand for skilled workers within the country. But employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find Lao workers to fill those jobs and have had to resort to importing labour from neighbouring countries for even relatively low-skilled positions. To access the document please click here:

LBF Input on Licensing of Foreign Chambers ECCIL

December 28, 2018 ECCIL News, News, White Papers 2017

In 2015, the Government of Laos issued the Decision on the Establishment of Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the Lao PDR (No.: 1006/MoIC.ITD). The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR welcomed the transparency and fairness that the Decision brought to the licensing and renewal process. You can access the document here:

Networking reception was a blast

December 14, 2018 ECCIL News, News

On 12th December, ECCIL organised a networking reception at ECCIL Office. Approximately 50 participants joined the event and were able to taste the authentic Luang Prabang style food cooked by the sponsor of the event, Sanctuary Hotels and Resorts. Sanctuary Hotels & Resorts is an award winning hotel group located in Northern Laos: Sanctuary Luang […]