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The EU-ASEAN Business Council – the primary voice for European businesses in the ASEAN region – has launched a set up recommendations to boost the trade and investment relationship between ASEAN and the EU. THe Agenda – Which was presented to ASEAN Economic Ministers and Commissioner Malmstrom on Sunday 26th in Kuala Lumper – has been developed through a process of consultation between EU-ABC members and wider European business community active in South East Asia. The Agenda contains twelve recommendations convering:

1. Measures to promote trade, including the removal of remaining tarriffs, elimination of non-tariff barriers, the implementation of the ASEAN Single Window and WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, and the easing of customs procedures.

2. Measure to promote investment, including the protection of IPR rights, the harmonisation of standards across ASEAN, the liberalisation of foreign ownership rules and the easing of long term investment constraints.

3. Measure to boots competitiveness, including support for SMEs, facilitating the movement of skilled labour, developing the skill pool and increasing access to government procurement opportunities.

4. Measure to further promote strong trade and investment relations between the EU and ASEAN, including the creation of a formalized ongoing consultative and dialogue process.

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