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ECCIL is pleased to inform you that we are organising a training ‘Communicating Across Cultures’. Join us for an interactive experience in learning about cultural barriers in business communication, ways to tackle them and ways to build your cultural intelligence!

In international business, being culturally aware and having the ability to communicate effectively across cultures is essential.  A lack of cultural awareness can lead to misunderstandings and problems with colleagues, clients, or bosses – and can deeply affect your organisation’s performance and your own.  That makes it a key competency for 21st century employees at all levels.


In this interactive one-day course, we’ll cover:

  • What culture is and the impact it has on business communication

  • How culture influences planning, decision-making, relationships, feedback, power, and time

  • How to resolve conflict when there are different cultural approaches at work

  • How to build trust more effectively across cultures

  • How to analyze cultural differences to successfully resolve a range of cross-cultural issues

  • How to build your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) so that you can become a more effective cross cultural communicator


More than teaching you how to communicate with people from a particular culture, this course will provide you with knowledge, skills and tools that will help you to communicate more effectively with people from every cultural background.


Target Audience:

Anyone who needs to communicate clearly and effectively while working or conducting business with people from cultures other than their own.



Tony Campbell

Tony has spent the last 30 years training business people across the world to communicate more effectively. Tony has worked primarily in Asia, but also in Europe, North America, and Australia, with some of the world’s largest businesses across a range of industries and sectors. Tony’s workshops are engaging, interactive, and fun – and help to deliver real improvement.


Date:                                        14th November 2018

Venue:                                     Crowne Plaza Hotel (tbc)

Language:                                 English (no Lao translation)


Training fee:

ECCIL members:                      LAK 1,187,000 or USD 139 /1person
For non – members:                LAK 1,545,000 or USD181 /1person

(The fee will include; handouts, 1 lunch and 2 coffee breaks during the workshop)

Please kindly register with us for the training before 15th October 2018.


The registration before 1st November will get 10% discount.

For ECCIL members:              LAK 1,067,000 or USD 125/1person
For ECCIL non-member:         LAK 1,392,000 or USD 163/1person


For more information please email to [email protected] or [email protected] , [email protected] or call 021 264330, 020 779 292 73.