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Do you ever find yourself short on time? Do you have often have more to do than you can get done in a single day?  Do you often seem to be fighting to meet deadlines and timelines set by others? And if not you, perhaps someone you know?

Time is our single greatest resource - but how is it that some people are able to get so much done and achieve more, even though we all have the same number of hours in a day? It all comes down to one thing: time management.

In this interactive one day workshop, you’ll learn a range of time management tools and strategies, all supported by the latest research into what works. As you’ll see, effective time management is about much more than just getting things done - it’s also about being in control of your real priorities, reducing your stress, and ultimately, achieving greater success in all areas of your work and in your life.

Training fees

Registration by 05 March 2019

(10% discount)
Registration after 05 March 2019
ECCIL members: LAK 958,000 or USD 112

LAK 1,064,000 or USD 124

Non-ECCIL members: LAK 1,242,000 or USD 163

LAK 1,380,000 or USD 181


The fee will include: handouts, 1 lunch and 2 coffee breaks during the training

Topics covered include:

  • Identifying and controlling your biggest time management obstacles.

  • Why focus and clarity matter (and how you can build both).

  • The power of “chunking”, N.E.T. and time targets.

  • How to use outcomes rather than to-dos to plan and prioritize more successfully.

  • Practical tips and techniques for taking control of your time – and staying in control.

  • How to handle interruptions by people and technology.

  • How to create balance in all areas of your life by managing your time effectively.

Who Should Attend:

Leaders, managers, supervisors, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, together with staff at all levels in companies,  government, and non-profits – in fact, anyone for whom better time management is a priority.

Event details:

Language:          English only

About the Trainer:

Tony Campbell has spent the last 30 years training people in businesses, government departments, and non-profit organizations across the world to reach their potential. Tony has worked primarily in Asia, as well as in Europe, North America, and Australia, with some of the world’s largest organizations in a range of industries and sectors. Tony’s workshop are engaging, interactive, and fun – and help to deliver real improvement.

Registration and more information:

For information regarding the training and registration, please contact: 021 264330, 020 52990273, 020  77703011 or [email protected], [email protected]

About ECCIL's trainings:

Training is one of ECCIL’s key services, which was established since 2014 and continued expanding. Currently, ECCIL organises between 12 to 20 short training programmes annually attended by more than 150 participants.  Our training programme covers different topics addressing general management issues such as Human Resource Management, Communications, Presentation Skills, Business Writing and Reporting, Sell, Negotiation, Leadership and Cross Cultural etc.

Most of participants joined our training are individuals, staff of companies and international organisations in Laos ranged from technical to management levels.

ECCIL’s trainers are selected based on their intensive knowledge about Laos and experience in delivering training for people in businesses, government departments, and non-profit organisations on their specialised topics. Our training styles are engaging, interactive, and fun – and help to deliver real improvement.