Event Info:


Communication at the workplace is very important to work efficiently and be productive in any organization. Employees can experience increased morale, productivity, and commitment if they can communicate up and down a company’s communication chain. Employers who spend time and energy to create open communication lines will quickly create trust among employees, resulting in productivity, performance, and overall morale. Poor communication in the workplace will inevitably lead to non-motivated staff that can begin to question their confidence in their skills and organizations. Join the course and learn how to boost your workplace's productivity.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand rules of communication
  • Understand the important of an effective communication
  • Understand types of interlocutors
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Apply communication techniques in practice
  • Overcome the communication barriers

Target Audience:

Manager, Head of division, Staff and those who are interested in becoming more productive at work


The training will be conducted in English

About the trainer:

Experienced trainer whether with wide groups (trained up to 900 managers on relying on core values) or smaller managerial groups as recently for Forte Toko on soft skills (including negotiation and customer service.

Registration Fee:

Member: USD 79 per person
Non-member: USD 92 per person

Event Details:

The “Effective Communication” training will be broken down into two days, three hours per day.

Date: 22nd - 23rd of July 2021

Time: 9.00 -12.00

Venue: Zoom

For more information and registration, please contact:
Mr. Binly Outhoumma
[email protected]