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The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR is pleased to inform you that we are planning to organize a two-day workshop on Customer Service Excellence which will be held on 17th -18th July 2019 in Crowne Plaza Hotel. Vientiane.

During the previous year, we had successfully organized a one-day workshop on customer services. Therefore, this year we are coming up with the 2nd part of the workshop which will cover more information, and the participants of this two-day workshop will see that there are other ways of customer services used in the current situation. Are you dazzling your customers with impressive service? Do you know how to make your customers feel fantastic and dying to come back for more? An excellent customer service is one of the most important ingredients of business success; deliver outstanding service and you'll reap the rewards.

The workshop will cover the contents as follow:

Day 1 Day 2
·      Introduction/Objectives

·      Customer Expectations

-   What is Excellent Service?

-   Opportunities for giving Good Service

-   Key Elements of Service

-   Skills and Qualities necessary to deliver Excellent Service

·      Presenting Yourself

-   First Impressions and Projecting a Professional Image

-   Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

·      Building Rapport

-  Questioning Skills

-  Listening Techniques

-  Positive Language

-  Gaining Rapport

-  Review/Action Plans

• Review of Day 1
• Saying “No” Nicely!-  Taking Control

-  Making and Refusing Requests

-  Developing Assertive Behaviour

• Complaints into Compliments
• A step by step approach to Handling Complaints

-  Turning complaints into Loyal Customers

• Dealing with Difficult Situations

-  Handling Difficult Situations to Prevent Conflict

-  Using “DEWD” – a Technique to Overcome Aggression

-  Hints and Tips for dealing with Difficult Situations

• Handling Stress

-  Positive and negative elements of stress/Avoiding Stress Build Up

-  Handling Customers’ Stress

• Practice Session
• Exercise to put it all together!
• Review/Action Plans.


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Define the term Customer Service and identify the key qualities that keep customers’ business

  • Create the right impression face to face and over the telephone

  • Recognise poor service and the effects of poor service

  • Identify customer needs by developing our questioning and listening skills

  • Improve communications with both internal and external customers

  • Practise professional telephone techniques using simulated phone equipment

  • Respond to difficult situations and complaints in an assertive and positive manner

  • Turn a complaint into a loyal customer

  • Recognise and practise a technique to say 'no' nicely

  • Identify sales opportunities and promote additional products

Who should participate?

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has contact with customers, either face-to-face or over the telephone.

Event details:

Date:  17th -18th July 2019

Venue:   Crowne Plaza Hotel (tbc)

Language:  English only

Training fee:

Full Price 10% Discount for early registration and settle the payment

((before 06th July 2019)
ECCIL members USD 258 USD 233
Non-ECCIL members USD 309 USD 278

(The fee will include: handouts, 1 lunch and 2 coffee breaks during the workshop)

Trainer: Tony Campbell

Tony Campbell has spent the last 30 years training people in businesses, government departments, and non-profit organizations across the world to deliver great service to their customers and clients. Tony has worked primarily in Asia, as well as in Europe, North America, and Australia, with some of the world’s largest organizations in a range of industries and sectors. Tony’s workshops are engaging, interactive, and fun – and help to deliver real improvement.

Registration and more information:

For information regarding the trainings and registration, please contact:

Mr. Xayoudone Aphayyavong

Email: [email protected]  , [email protected], [email protected]  or call : 021 264330