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Are you working in a marketing division of an organization? Have you ever tried doing Market Research before? If yes, was it effective and efficiency?

As markets are increasingly determined by crowded competition, it is particularly important for you to know and understand the preferences of your consumers, to identify and analyze the relevant target markets. And this knowledge is the basis for designing products or services that meet customers' desires. By understanding customer needs and knowing the target markets, you can also forecast your production and sales and plan accordingly.

All of this can happen only if you have those necessary data from doing Market Research. The truth is the success of marketing research project depends upon quality and relevance of data. And, to a major extent, depends upon methods and techniques used for collecting data.

This workshop is the right path for you if you are interested in stepping up from a typical marketing routine to advance Market Researcher. Join us now!

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Know type of data collection and data analysis category
  • Use tools, methods of data collection and analysis
  • Make the market research
  • Apply the research to Identify your customer need and make your production and sales plan effectively.

Who should attend?

Entrepreneur, Marketing and Sales Manager, Head of division, consultant and whoever want to improve their skill of making market research.

About the trainer:

The trainer has over 10 years’ experience in research and analysis consultant (Scope: Food and beverage industries, project research for community development, marketing strategy and etc.). The trainer used to be a trainer for a topic of “Marketing management” for JICA project. She worked in KOLAO as a manager of management audit department where she could produce a manual of business process management development – build a format and train to team members, support vice president on gathering data and analysis of responded businesses, be an advisor to businesses in KOLAO group as required. Her experience in all levels of management has led the trainer to make consistent regarding data collection, analysis and development in business operations, business process management development, HRD and marketing. The trainer has her master’s in marketing from the university of Wales.

Event details:

Venue: zoom Meeting

Date:    17th - 18th of November 2021

Time:    13.30 - 17.00

Language:  English

Participant fees:

Member:          USD 83 / person

Non-member:    USD 97 / person

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[email protected],

Tel: 021 264330