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REF: AD23.LAVTE.009 Purchase of V30 Plus GNSS RTK System


MAG’s vision is a safe and secure future for men, women and children affected by armed violence and conflict. Since 1989 we have worked in more than 40 countries to save lives and build futures by:

  • Reclaiming land contaminated with the remnants of conflict, such as landmines, cluster munitions, bombs, shells and mortars;
  • Finding ways to reduce the daily risk of death or injury for civilians; and
  • Creating safe and secure conditions for development.

MAG shares the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize as a founding member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.


MAG invites you to submit bid proposals for V30 Plus GNSS Real-time kinematic (RTK) System outlined in the Technical Specifications document.


Please find enclosed:

Annex 2. Tender Instruction Sheet

Annex 3. Supplier Registration Form

Annex 4. Technical Specifications

Annex 5. MAG Policies and Statements and supplier ethical standards

Annex 6. Financial Specifications

Annex 7. MAG Terms and Conditions of Purchase


To submit your bid offer, please send the following completed documents via email to [email protected]


Valid business registration certificate in Laos

Annex 3. Supplier Registration Form (signed and stamped)

Annex 4. Technical Offer (signed and stamped)

Annex 5. MAG Supplier Ethical Standards (signed and stamped)

Annex 6. Financial Offer (signed and stamped)

Annex 7. MAG Terms and Conditions of Purchase (signed and stamped)


MAG reserves the right to disqualify incomplete submissions.


Any requests for clarification on the products or services available for tender may be submitted by electronic mail to [email protected] until 20/11/2023.  Questions and responses will be collected and made available to all suppliers on 24/11/2023 via email.


Final submissions must be received by the deadline of 04/12/2023 at 16:00 (ICT) 


Attachment link:


Yours sincerely,

MAG Tender Committee


MAG Laos

Unit 20 Thongsangnang Road

Ban Sisavath, Chanthabouly District 

Vientiane, Lao PDR

[email protected]