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In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, ECCIL EuroCham Laos will be disseminating the announcemens of the Governement of Lao PDR, in order to update you in the most efficient way possible.

The English translations are provided by ECCIL EuroCham team and might be subject to corrections by relevant authorities.

Notice 0462/PMO, dated 5th May 2021

Following the announcement of Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the National Taskforce, H.E. Kikeo Khaikhamphitoun, to extend the lockdown period for Laos, the Prime Minister Office has released a Notice confirming the lockdown will be in place until the 20th of May.

Notice 0324/MoIC, dated 26th April 2021

  • Companies operating in processing industry and handicraft must operates on rotation basis to ensure safety measures such as social distancing are respected;
  • Internal checks must be implemented at the workplace. In case of suspicion or confirmed case of COVID-19 of one of the employee, the latter and relatives must be isolated and the Task Force must be informed.

Recommendation 8485/MPWT, dated 27 Apr 2021

Apply for international movement of goods*

  • Guarantee letter to be issued in two copies: one copy for the Task Force Committee, one to be carried at all times by the driver;
  • No information on the Guarantee letter can be modified.
*For products such as flammable liquids, liquid products, gas, asphalt, hazardous products, perishable goods (alive animal, freeze meat, fresh fruit etc…), raw materials used for production to export which considered as tax exemption aligned with the Government’s policy, tools and equipment, plant that import for government’s projects e.g.: Laos-China railway construction, hydropower dam, medical items to come as support against the pandemic and disaster that not able to unload or representing safety risks for safety unloading, and upon prior approval by the Task Force Committee.

Notice 1532/MLSW, dated 5 May 2021

  • Assistance allowance might be given to workers from businesses that were not allowed to operate since the lockdown, upon the condition that the employee has paid the social security for at least 6 months to 12 months from April 2021 backward;
  • Businesses that are still paying salaries to their employees at the moment are required to continue to pay the social security fund. In case of difficulties, deferral payment is allowed upon a request letter to the NSSF;
    Businesses who suspended operations and are not paying salaries to their employees are allow to temporarily* suspend payments to the NSSF;
    *apply on the official lockdown period only
  • No termination of employment agreement can be made without prior meeting and agreement between the employer, the employee and the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour.

Report 0254/MPWT, dated 29 Apr 2021

The report issued and submitted by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) to the Task Force Committee states that:
  • Business operators are facing issues in the movement of goods within the country, at provincial, district and village levels;
  • No major issues are affecting cross-border trade.
The report also suggests that clear process must be implemented across the country.

Report 0449/LNCCI, dated 30 Apr 2021

The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) has submitted to the National Task Force a report on the impacts of the COVID-19 from the Private sector and measures to alleviate these impacts.
Among the measures suggested by the LNCCI, reducing utilities bills such as electricity or allow extension in taxes settlements are directions to explore.