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In the current lockdown context, ECCIL EuroCham Laos will be disseminating the announcements of the Government of Lao PDR, in order to update you in the most efficient way possible.

The English translations are provided by ECCIL EuroCham team and might be subject to corrections by relevant authorities.

Notification 0528/PMO, dated 20th May 2021

The Notification 0528/PMO includes additional and mitigation measures to the extension of the lockdown, instructed by the Task Force, for another 15 days – starting from 21st of May to 4th of June 2021 included.


Additional measures:

  • Red zones:
    • Factories must cease operations, except the ones which can provide dormitories;
    • No travel is possible;
  • Meetings and gathering of more than 10 people are prohibited


Mitigation measures:

  • Travel and transportation of passengers possible within districts and provinces without recent outbreak;
  • Movement of goods inter-provinces with no additional requirements
Notification 532/PMO, dated 20 May 2021
The Notifications 532/PMO, dated on 20th of May 2021, covers policies and measures to alleviate the economic impact of the outbreak.
  • Exemption of Personal Income Tax up to 5 Million LAK for the months of April, May and June;
  • Exemption of Income Tax for micro-enterprises (as described in the Income Tax Law) for the months of April, May and June;
  • Extension of deadline for the submission of the Financial statement of the Financial Year 2020;
  • Consideration of rebate of the VAT rate;
  • Deferrals of payment of interests and capital for businesses affected in their operations
Notification 293/MPWT, dated 21 May 2021
The Notification 293/MPWT, dated on 2st of May 2021, comprises of relaxed measures for transportation of passengers and movement of goods.
  • Transportation of passengers within and between provinces free of community transmission permitted;
  • Movement of goods within the country allowed up to the destination without any additional requirements than the ones disclosed in Notification 0242/MPWT, dated on 23th of April 2021, such as: COVID-19 negative test, COVID-19 vaccination card, 14 days quarantine…

The Notification instructs the provincial Public Works & Transport divisions to uniformly implement these points nationwide.

Movement of goods: Update from the Ministry of Public Works & Transports

After connecting and collecting feedbacks of our members encountering difficulties in transporting goods across the country, ECCIL EuroCham Laos  submitted to the Department of Transports, Ministry of Public Works and Transports, a Clarification letter.

We are pleased to inform our members and business operators the Permanent Secretary, on behalf of the MPWT, has responded to the letter. We do hope the movement of goods issues and concerns are now addressed.

In case you are still facing difficulties, please reach out to us.