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The European Chamber Of Commerce And Industry In Lao PDR (ECCIL) is delighted to inform you regarding our highly satisfactory result from our membership survey which has been conducted the previous year with an overall approval rate of 84%! We are incredibly grateful for all of our members’ support as well as feedbacks and we will put our best efforts to achieve more for you.

The following is the summary of the details:

Reason to be a member (multiple answers possible):
§  80% networking opportunities
§  64% access to information
§  28% advocacy

What kind of information given by ECCIL do you consider as useful or very useful?
§  96% Regular Economic updates
§  88% laws and regulations
§  60% sector or industry profiles

Which means of communication do you rate effective or very effective:
§  100% direct email
§  96% surveys and reports
§  83% electronic newsletter
§  67% ECCIL’s website
§  63% Individual meetings and consultations
§  67% participated in workshops/trainings
§  75% of the respondents rated the quality of ECCIL’s workshops as good or very good
§  75% considered the fees charged as “cost effective” or “reasonable”
§  Percentage of respondents that stated the following services should be continued or expanded:
§  100% networking and social events
§  96% business delegations and business matchings
§  96% market surveys and sector studies
§  96% information provision via website and newsletter
§  96% advocacy on individual level
§  92% trainings, seminars, workshops

Companies that “agree” or “totally agree” with the following statements are:
§  I can approach the ECCIL team without difficulties: 96%
§  ECCIL is a professional service provide: 92%
§  ECCIL’s reacts promptly to requests: 87%
§  ECCIL service range responds to our business needs: 79%
§  We receive good value for money: 77%
§  ECCIL has a strong interest in its members: 75%

Overall 62% recommend to continue the existing services, 25% vote for an extension while mentioning that the least popular events are the European Food Festival (70% pro, 29% con) and Recruitment service (67% pro, 33% con). Additionally, 92% think it is important for ECCIL to provide feedback and economic expertise to the Lao government to represent the interests of European Business Community and 92% consider it as “likely” or “very likely” to recommend other companies to become ECCIL’s member.