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ECCIL EuroCham Laos was invited to join a seminar on Lao PDR’s Trade Negotiations for Export Success – Mapping the Way Forward, on 23rd of February 2021, under the scope of the EU-funded project ARISE Plus.

The event was chaired by Mr. Saysana SAYAKONE, Director General of Department of Foreign Trade Policy, Ministry of Industry and Commerce and co-chaired by the EU Delegation to Lao PDR, with distinguished delegates from various sectors including line ministries, Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business Section, International Trade Centre (ITC), the National University of Laos, LNCCI and ECCIl EuroCham Laos.

The purpose of this seminar was to provide knowledge and understanding of Laos Foreign Trade Negotiations Roadmap, presented by Mr. Derk Bienen, a founder and Managing Partner of BKP Development & Research GmBH. The Roadmap was made to contribute to Lao PDR’s successful LDC graduation by shaping the post-LDC trade environment as well as being an element in overcoming the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Derk also emphasized that rather than being a strategy, the Roadmap tells where and what is worth for Laos to negotiate which clearly shows the importance of the Roadmap for Lao PDR.

Additionally, the seminar also provided panel discussion on key issues identified in the Roadmap. The session runs smoothly with the questions and answers from both the panelists and the audiences. Mr. Xaybandith Rasphone, Vice President of LNCCI also mentioned a few key points about the importance of implementation system which still need to be improved along with current regulations in order to bring a positive outcome to Laos economic as well as private sectors.