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We are excited to welcome Agroforex as a new PLATINUM Sponsor of EuroCham Laos.

Founded in 1992, Agroforex Company specializes in the development of various native natural resources, planted and cultivated, from initial processing for export, to Europe but not only. Starting from a pioneering approach to Responsible and Ethical Development, this integrates the social and environmental dimensions, means an in situ presence with the village communities and continuous monitoring.

Responsibility means the investments necessary to ensure the expected compliance of user industries in regulatory matters and the ability to follow the evolution of requirements, and the necessary investments in terms of conservation for the future of the resource and the well-being of village communities.

Main conventional and EU/NOP certified organic products: Benzoin Siam and derivatives, Benzoe tonkinensis (PHEUR2158), Royal cinnamon, Agarwood oil under CITES, Orthosiphon (PHEUR1229), etc.
Main user industries concerned : pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary), food flavourings, aromatherapy, cosmetics, perfumery (fine and functional), etc.

Learn more about Agroforex Company, Please contact:
Tel: 021 215665
Email: [email protected]