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We are delighted to welcome our new member, Eastern Star Schools, who is also now our Bronze Sponsor, to ECCIL!

Eastern Star School has been approved by MOE of Lao PDR and opened in 2006 . The schools are equipped to provide studies to our students with the very high technological classrooms and labs which gives them opportunity to have higher education in Laos and elsewhere. Eastern Star Schools follow the curriculum of MOE of Lao PDR but they teach it in English language or as Bilingual Education. The mission of the schools is to provide a quality education with its dedicated staff and internationally recognised programs in a caring and encouraging environment to raise its students as global citizens and lifelong learners who are ready to become problem solvers of the future. Besides the promotion of education in Laos, the ultimate object of Eastern Star Bilingual Schools is to develop Lao students personality with Lao culture and also to let them be able to familiar with other nationals and their cultures.

Find out more about Eastern Star Schools on their website: http://www.easternstar.edu.la


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