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A White Paper on Agroforestry has been formally handed over to H.E. Thongphath VONGMANY, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, this morning. The meeting, attended by two of ECCIL EuroCham Board members and our Executive Director, aimed at discussing Business opportunities for commercial plantations in Lao PDR.
The Deputy Minister shared that the strategy of the GoL for 2021-2025 was to reach 200,000Ha of plantations, with policy and legal framework already in place.
His Excellency also mentioned about the challenges to overcome in terms of raw materials and the private sector has a role in partnering with Villagers to generate income for the concerned areas. However, H.E. Thongphath VONGMANY assured that the commercial plantations would definitely bring great benefits to local people as well as Laos economy in the future.

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