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The Lao Business Forum (LBF) organised on February 20th a Public-Private Consultative Meeting in which representatives from the private sector and from the ministries discussed business issues, ranging from business registration procedures to trade mark registrations and tourism promotion. Objective of the meeting was to clarify or solve pending issues brought up by the business community.

Whereas some cases could be clarified on the spot, other, more complex issues will require follow-up meetings.

The meeting was chaired by Ms. Valy Vetsaphong, Vice President of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI), and Mr. Sirisamphan Vorachit, Director of Planning and Cooperation Department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC).

ECCIL was represented by its Executive Director, Dr. Ramon Bruesseler, and by its Senior Economic Advisor, Dr. Dan Fitzpatrick.