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On 27th and 28th March 2018, ECCIL organised a training named ‘Influencing and Negotiating Skills’ at Crowne Plaza, Vientiane. The facilitator of the trainings was Tony Campbell, who has 30 years experience in training people in different areas across the world. We had approximately 40 participants in both trainings. Participants learnt about the secrets of successful negotiators and learnt to identify their own negotiating styles in a very fun and informative ways. The topics covered in the trainings were:

  • The key principles of negotiation and what you can do to get the best result;
  • Your own preferred influencing and negotiating style and how to you can recognize and adapt to the styles of others;
  • The impact of human factors in negotiations;
  • How to prepare for any negotiation using a step-by-step approach;
  • Guidelines for carrying out a successful negotiation;
  • Finalizing the outcome of your negotiation to get exactly what was agreed;
  • Influencing your boss, colleagues, and customers – and even your family; and
  • An action plan for success.

Keep an eye on our website to get informed about the trainings we offer.