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The Lao Trade Portal revealed a record US$729 million in imports and exports in October this year, with the value of exports put at US$347 million and the value of import calculated at US$382 million. It also stated that the trade deficit was US$34 million.

Copper ore, bananas, wood pulp and paper scraps, frames and camera parts, mixed gold and gold bars, clothes, electrical devices and equipment, sugar, rubber, and sweetcorn are the main export products.

The main import products included vehicles, electrical devices and equipment, diesel, mechanical equipment, steel, steel products, magnetic steel, auto parts, gasoline, rebars and various types of steel, plastic products, and waste food industries.

The export value of US$347 million included US$30 million worth of copper ore, US$23 million of bananas and US$25 million of wood pulp and paper scraps.
In addition, the value of frames and camera parts was US$19 million, about US$54 million was earned from mixed gold and gold bars, while the export of clothes earned US$16 million.

Meanwhile, the export value of electrical devices and equipment was US$9 million, the export of sugar earned US$5 million, rubber exports earned US$34 million, and sweetcorn sold for US$8 million.

Information source: Vientiane Times