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The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has issued the notification No.2633/cabinet/MOIC, dated 07 November 2017 to all Industry and Commerce offices in Vientiane Municipality, provinces and districts to strictly implement the abolishment of the minimum registered capital requirement for foreign investment in the activities under the General Business list such as manufacturing factory, training provider, real estate, restaurant etc. (a minimum registered capital is still required for certain activities under Controlled Business List which are governed by specific sector regulations).  For more information visit: http://www.erm.gov.la/index.php/en/about-us

This enforcement is the first step forward to enforce the implementation of the Investment Law (amendment) No. 14/NA, dated 17/11/2016. The old Investment law of 2009 required foreign investors to bring up a minimum registered capital of 1 billion kip or around 120,000 USD to establish a business in General Business. This has been eliminated by the new Investment Law 2016.