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Lao National Single Window (LNSW) – The Ministry of Finance has issued an official notification of the use of the computerised platform of the LNSW system at all international borders and airports in Laos to simplify and make the import-export and movement of goods and cargo more efficient. The notification states that the system will be used from 23 February, 2021 onwards.

Using the system will increase the source of income for Laos and improve the processes. It is also to ensure that there is transparency of merchandise trade.

Training for the LNSW system will be held at the LNSW Office, free of charge, from Monday to Friday.

The main tasks of the system are:

  • To facilitate for requests and issue Import Permits,
  • To track the movement of the goods by manifest reference ID,
  • To collect the tax and relevant fees for treasury by once payment record.

The reasons to use the LNSW system are:

  • To simplify and more streamlined and efficient import processes,
  • To reduce paper burden as documents are standardised and only need to be submitted once,
  • To decrease cost of doing business as border crossings become more efficient through quicker validation and inspection,
  • To increase transparency between public and private sector,
  • To use the human resource more rational and reasonable.

LNSW activities covers:

  • Electronic Permits (permit requests and validation process),
  • Electronic Manifests (to track the merchandise and interfaces),
  • Single Point of Invoicing & Billing,
  • Statistics and Report.

In its notification, the finance ministry announced to implement the LNSW platform to manage the import of all goods at the bridge including all goods under exemption or suspension of customs duties and other obligations.

All the economic operators and shipping agents in Laos, which do business on import, export and transit, are encouraged to come to LNSW office to be trained to enable them to effectively use the system.

Those traders who are not registered to use the system, need to urgently register and have their user accounts issued.

Importers and exporters for all goods are assigned to pay customs and duties and other obligation fees as well as fees and service fees of other relevant agencies in one single point via service units or electronic system of BCEL and LDB, which include BCEL i- Banking, BCEL One, LDB Corporate Banking, cash, money transfer and cheque based on the relevant regulations.

LNSW Co.,Ltd is assigned to collect service fee for using such a system at the rate of 120,000 Kip for each transaction, which excludes customs and duties, tax, fees and other service fees of relevant agencies.

Information source: The Laotian Times

Download Official Notification in Lao and English.