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Vientiane, 19th October 2020 – Prudential Life Assurance (Lao) Company Limited (“Prudential Laos”) has officially launched Pulse by Prudential (“Pulse”), a free digital mobile application that offers holistic health management to consumers in Laos. Pulse provides Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered self-help tools and real-time information to serve users 24/7. Users can also access useful health and wellness content and locate the nearest clinics and hospitals in case of emergencies.

Held at Crowne Plaza Hotel today, the launch ceremony was led by Mr. Veejay Madhavan, CEO of Prudential Laos and attended by officials from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Post and Telecommunication.

Speaking at the event, Mr Veejay Madhavan said, “Since establishing our operations in Laos in 2016, Prudential Laos has been committed to helping protect the Lao people, not only financially but also their health and wellbeing. We believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’, and that was why Prudential had developed the Pulse app to make healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone in Asia, including Laos.”

“Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best-in-class partnerships, Pulse empowers people to proactively manage their health. Through Pulse, users can access reliable and relevant health information at their fingertips, helping them prevent and postpone the onset of illnesses, such as non-communicable and chronic diseases. Pulse is an evolving platform, and we will continue to add new features and value-added services that meet the needs of the Lao people.”

Dr Nao Boutta Director General of Cabinet, Ministry of Health said, “Prudential has designed an innovative digital tool to serve as a health companion to the Lao people. Pulse will help fulfil the healthcare needs of our people by providing round-the-clock access to quality health information seamlessly and from the comfort of their home. Pulse is the first app of its kind in Laos to offer free and holistic health management services to consumers. I trust that the Pulse app will drive a step change in helping Lao people lead better and healthier lives.”

The following key features are available in the initial phase of the app’s launch:

  • Healthcheck (powered by Babylon, a global healthcare company with regional presence in Asia) A lifestyle assessment and disease risk prediction tool. By doing a 15-minute questionnaire, users can get a report in real-time on their overall health status and long-term disease risks based on their lifestyle habits, medical history, family’s medical history, diet and mental health
  • Symptom Checker (powered by Babylon, a global healthcare company with regional presence in Asia) – Users can enter their symptoms on the AI-powered chatbot to get fast, localised, clinically-validated information and recommended next steps to take, right from their mobile phone
  • Hospital Finder – An interactive map that allows users to easily see which accredited clinics and hospitals are in close proximity to them. Users are able to view health provider details (e.g. opening hours and contact information) and can directly call and/or use the map to navigate to the selected hospital or clinic.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) and Wrinkle Index AI-powered features that help users understand their body fat and ageing speeds respectively, as well as other health and lifestyle metrics, by uploading a simple selfie photo.
  • Health Awareness Content – Provides users with access to engaging and relevant health awareness content in the form of articles, videos and infographics.
  • My Communities – A platform for user-generated content, allowing users to engage with other likeminded individuals and exchange ideas and tips related to fitness and nutrition.

Pulse is now available in 11 markets, including Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. Following its regional launch in Malaysia in August 2019, Pulse has been downloaded more than 9 million times in Asia to date. Pulse is downloadable for free on the Apple/Google Play stores in Laos.

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