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The CLMV countries and Thailand are at the heart of 2 major international economic endeavours: the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It further drives a local development plan around the Mekong river (GMS). Thailand has 28% of the region’s population, but 56% of its GDP and as its economy matures, the main actors are now looking at new playing fields. We will start by a historic and economic presentation of these 5 countries that are so different but still share a lot, to understand how national priorities push towards closer ties, as illustrated by CLMV share of Thai exports jumping from 3.0% in 2000 to over 10% nowadays. During the forum, you will learn from Khun Kan Trakulhoon how the expansion policies of large Thai companies such as Siam Cement Group were successfully designed and conducted. You will have the opportunity to discover regional strategies of French global leaders that use Thailand as their hub, with business cases on Essilor, Michelin, Airbus, Schneider Electric and ACCOR. Country-specific seminars with the participation of members of the local French team (Embassy, Chamber of Commerce, business leaders), will be held to highlight the present insights on doing business locally and identify sectorial opportunities in the CLMV countries.

A full day to scroll down from macro-economics to hands-on advice on new business in the CLMV countries, and plenty of networking opportunities with those already in those markets! This event is an initiative of the Thailand Committee of French Foreign Trade Advisors (Les Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur, CCEs), in cooperation with the French Embassy, the Franco-Thai Chamber of Commerce and Business France. All presentations and discussions will be held in English. Early bird registration fee: 2,000 THB until May 8th then 3,000 THB, including lunch and activities.

For more information and registration:

Contact: [email protected] or call +66 (0)65 581 6343


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