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EuroChams of the region have successfully held the Webinar on “RCEP: A new trade agreement shaping global economics” on Thursday 21st of January 2021.

Speakers from 13 countries have shared their insights to the audience, composed by 300++ attendees, on how the RCEP can impact trade on its signatories and European companies in these region.The RCEP Agreement is an agreement to broaden and deepen ASEAN’s engagement with Australia, China, Japan, Korea and New Zealand. Together, these RCEP participating countries account for about 30% of the global GDP and 30% of the world population.

The objective of the RCEP Agreement is to establish a modern, comprehensive, high-quality, and mutually beneficial economic partnership that will facilitate the expansion of regional trade and investment and contribute to global economic growth and development. Accordingly, it will bring about market and employment opportunities to businesses and people in the region.

We would like to thank our valued moderator and speakers for sharing insights on the impact of the RCEP for the region and opportunities for European Companies, as well as all the 300++ participants, from Laos and the region, for joining us during this session.