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Conclusion of Roundtable Meeting on “HOSPITALITY & TOURISM”

Following the fruitful roundtable meeting on June, ECCIL EuroCham Laos has successfully hold the second roundtable meeting for the Hospitality and Tourism Sector on 31st August 2021.

The meeting was attended by members, non-members, and development partners. During the one-hour meeting, participants were able to share issues and ideas on current situation as well as looking for solutions to recover the hospitality and tourism sector by sharing helpful suggestions which were collected and analyzed accordingly by ECCIL EuroCham team.

Some of the possible solutions and ideas of improving the current situation are:

✨ Private sector should support, provide advice and ideas to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism in order to keep moving forward.

✨ We should develop our internal management to show the government how good hospitality and tourism sector can do to ensure the government to open the door for private sector.

✨ Initiative of Tourism Conference in Luangprabang to be launched soon in the upcoming September to discuss about specifically about hospitality and tourism.

Thank you to all attendees for active participation and precious time to join the session also the moderators for conducting an efficient meeting.