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Allianz Insurance Laos held a launch ceremony for the electronic insurance policy

Congratulation to our Silver Sponsor, Allianz Insurance Laos for successfully holding a launch ceremony for the electronic insurance policy with a virtual live version of the Allianz Insurance Laos page, presented by Mr. Guy Apovy, the CEO of Allianz Insurance Laos.

Electronic insurance policy is a new experience for Allianz Insurance Laos’s customers. This makes it easier for customers to store and review mobile insurance contracts online.

Allianz Insurance Laos’s electronic insurance policy has been approved and ratified by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Technology and Ministry of Defense, which guarantees that the client’s insurance policy will be covered in the same way as a written contract.

Insurance customers can manually convert their ordinary insurance policy to an electronic contract through the My Insurance application. Click on the insurance contract menu, select the insurance you want to convert to an electronic contract, click Apply, read the terms of the application, accept and confirm.

You can also download a health insurance card to use at Allianz Insurance Laos clinics and clinics without having to hold a real card.

In the future, the issuance or audit of various types of insurance by Lao Insurance Company will be transformed into an electronic system for the convenience of your insurance contract.