Development partnership with the private sector an offer to support cooperation between public and private sector

Whether the aim is to provide training for local employees, promote the use of climate-friendly technologies or improve social standards at production facilities – the objectives of private enterprises and actors involved in development cooperation often overlap. was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster the involvement of the private sector at the point where business opportunities and development policy initiatives intersect.


Opportunities for the private sector

Developing countries and emerging economies are the markets of tomorrow. But a lack of legal certainty, poor training opportunities, weak infrastructure and cultural barriers mean that for many companies, involvement in such markets appears too great a risk. Through, however, companies can count on having a competent partner at their side. not only helps companies to minimise financial risk through government grants; it in addition offers access to global networks with partners from governments, the private sector, municipalities, chambers of commerce and NGOs at the local level and many years of experience with alliances in developing and emerging countries.

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