You are interested in biodegradable packaging made from exotic materials such as bamboo, areca palm leaves, sugar cane, cassava, banana leaves and more?
However, you don’t really know how to find the right producers that can deliver the design and quality you want? Then you are a perfect fit with our project!

You tell us what you need, and we will find companies from Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia that pitch their packaging ideas to you. The pitch will take place in form of a competition in the three markets via an online-offline hybrid event. During this event, you, together with a jury of German experts, will select the idea that best fits your needs. And don’t worry, we won’t stop our support here. We will ensure that the winning company turns the pilot design into a market-ready packaging solution that fulfills all your demands. For that purpose, we are working with a German packaging expert that is familiar with your requirements and who supports the winning company with product design and certification. So, when you receive your shipment of the final packaging, you can be 100% sure that the final product exactly reflects your requirements.

What we take care of:
• Establish direct contact with producing companies in Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia with our representatives on-site
• Gathering ideas from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia to best solve your challenge
• Provide professional support throughout the entire project by our country and packaging specialists
• Cover all costs related to certifying the final product according to the standards that you have specified

What you take care of:
• Provide one main contact within your company for this project
• Provide a well-defined packaging challenge: design, materials, dimension, purpose, certifications needed, target price per piece, etc.
• Participation in the jury during the competition event (online or offline)
• A sourcing contract for the final prototype that meets your quality requirements
• Definition of your packaging challenge by end of February 2021
• Launch of your packaging challenge by begin of March 2021
• Packaging competition within May 2021
• Product delivery planned within August/September 2021

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For more information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +856 21 264 330