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Business Transforming Trends in the AEC


 An intense day of debate and discussion on a wide range of subjects to do with the introduction of new ideas and technology to further the development and success of industry and commerce in Lao PDR was enjoyed by all who were fortunate enough to be able to attend this forum yesterday, 25th Jaanuary.


The four principle subjects covered

  • Trends and Opportunities in the ASEAN market
  • New business strategies that transform corporations and change the way SMEs do business
  • Innovations which will transform how we manufacture things
  • Innovation and digitalisation in the service industry

were discussed in detail and many new ideas were introduced. Industry 4.0 (the combination of all previous significant developments in manufacture, distribution, connectivity and data security) was presented and resulted in lively debate. Utilising the relatively new data storage systems referred to as cloud was also discussed at length with strong support for the technology being countered by security and other concerns.

New trends and technology in banking were presented with business finance being another major theme, covering venture capital and seed financing, with examples given of how new businesses were able to get financial assistance to enable them to grow.

The full day of presentations and discussion with panels of experts was enjoyed by the large number of delegates attending, with visitors from 10 other countries injecting a very international flavour to the proceedings.

This was the first of what is hoped to be a regular feature in the business calendar so those who weren’t able to attend this time may be encouraged to join us for the next one. Please watch for future announcements.

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