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6th European Foot Festival 6th May 2017, National Cultural Hall – Vientiane

Instructions to participating stakeholders (restaurants, event sponsors, food and beverage


Dear stakeholders at the 6th European Food Festival,

We, the organisers of the 6th European Food Festival in Vientiane, would like to thank you

very much for your interest and participation as stand holder of this year’s Festival. Our aim

is to make this event tidy and more environment friendly than the previous years and would

like to kindly urge your cooperation on some common code of conducts throughout the event

as follows:

1. Each stand holder could bring only one electrical equipment plus two fans to their

stand. As you are aware, we have limited supply of electricity and we wouldn’t like to see the

event is interrupted because of electricity cut.

In case you need more electricity connection, please contact Ms Mai, 22464321

2. Each stand should have a proper garbage collection system within the area of their

stand and should take care of their garbage bags at the end of the event. Garbage bags could

be left in the specific and designate area behind the National Cultural Hall or must be

taken back by stand holder.

The organisers will be responsible for collecting garbage around eating and surrounding areas

and of course the whole areas at the end of the event.

3. We would like to promote environment friendly action in the European Food festival. We

therefore count on you to use as many reusable and/or recycle food contact materials for

your sales as possible.

4. Stand holder should only bring in their materials and equipment in morning of 6

May and remove their materials in the night of 6 May after the event ends. The

organisers will not assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of property before and after

this agreed time frame. All materials and equipment must be removed from the area no

later than 10 am on 7th May.

5. Organisers will provide three containers of ice for each corner of the event, but please feel

free to bring your own ice boxes if you think it could be easier for your stand.

6. As part of our event promotion, “Lucky draw” will be organised to entertain the visitors

and promote sales of participated stakeholders. Instructions on “Lucky draw” activity

will be sent to you later.

7. Staff members from EU, European Chamber and service provider will be on standby at the

event in case you might have any question or request.

1. Ms Mai, 22464321

2. Ms Thongvone, 52826193

3. Ms Dalounee, 28112000

Event information                                                                                        

The European Food Festival 2017 is jointly organised by the EU, the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR and Annam Fine Food. It gives the opportunity for 20 – 30 restaurants, bars, and food producers with a European background to offer their products. The event is open to the public, there is no entrance fee.

The organisers provide the space and tents for the participants (4 x 6 metres, 2 restaurants per tent), electricity, water, ice; tables, chairs, public tents with ventilation for visitors as well as the following services: cleaning during and after the event, promotion, emergency medical unit, entertainment facilities for children, live music.

Tents will be strictly allocated on a first-paid first-choioce basis.

Location:                                             Parking lot beside National Culture Hall

Date:                                                    May 6th 2017

Set up of equipment:                           09:00 – 12:00 hrs.

Food service:                                       12:00 – 22:00 hrs.

Official opening by organisers:           18:00 – 18:30 hrs.

Live music:                                          19:00 – 22:00 hrs.

Removal of equipment:                       May 7th 2017

Fee per half tent:                                  650,000 LAK

First payment accepted:                       April 26th 2017, 10:00 hrs. at ECCIL

Deadline for registration:                     April 28th, 2017

Registration contact:                            ECCIL, Ms. Dalounee; [email protected]


Deadline for payment:                         May 3rd, 2017

Mode of payment:                               cash only at ECCIL office, Villa Inpeng, 74 Inpeng Street



To be filled in by participant:

Restaurant Name  
Contact Person    
Contact Telephone Number    
Contact Email Address  
Person Responsible @ event    
Food to be sold    
Power requirement (electricity)  
Please attach your logo (electronic version) to your registration. It will be used for promotional purposes in connection with the event.


For the participants there will be a briefing shortly before the event at the EU delegation, Europe House, Sethathirath Road




……………………………………………………………                       …………………………………………………….

Date and location                                                     Signature and Stamp


To be filled in by ECCIL


Allocation of half tents    
Rental Fee LAK 650,000 per half tent Paid Date
Logo Received