Apart from Advocacy the delivery of services is the other main strategic objectives of ECCIL. Some of our services we offer together with trusted and specialized partners, others we offer on our own.

In our services we distinguish between general services and individual services. General services mostly consist of information material, updates, mailings, newsletter etc. and are primarily targeted at our members. That is why certain parts of this website are accessible to members only. Although the delivery of these services and the generation of the documents costs resources, these services are free for our members. Non-members who wish to get access to these documents have to contact ECCIL and purchase them against a fee.

Individual services are targeted at individual clients and are open to members as well as non-members. But whereas non-members have to pay the regular fee for the services, members have the benefit of a substantial discount.

A list of services which are currently offered by ECCIL you can find below. Please check back regularly – we intend to extent our offer according to market needs. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you would like to benefit from a service which is not (yet) on the list.

Most services are tailored to the demands of a specific client because they should provide a solution to a specific task. So please contact us for details and prices.

To download our service brochure, please click here: Download


One of the main strategic tasks of ECCIL is the promotion of the interests of its members…


Advertisement on website incl. link to homepage….

Contacts and business matching

We help to put business people together through various means including address searches…


Management Trainings.