J&C Group

J&C Group
Sector: , ,
Contact Person: Stephan R. Aeschbach
City: Vientiane
Website: www.jclao.com

J&C Services was founded in 2008, over the years it has grown into J&C Group with several business departments with over 100 employees today. Our group firmly believes that there are two ways to develop or help any economy. One way is to provide education, and the other is to provide employment. We chose both, investing into the education of our staff members as well as providing employment; with our growth – not only do our existing employees benefit but we are also able to provide more employment opportunities through our various suppliers.
The J&C Group is led by its founder, Mr. Stephan Aeschbach. He settled in Laos in the year of 2002, and since then he has been involved in various projects to provide opportunities to the people of Laos.
Currently, the J&C Group has the following business departments:
  • J&C Insurance
  • J&C Marketing
  • J&C Real Estate
  • J&C Investment