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About ECCIL:

The main purpose of ECCIL is to represent the European business community in Laos and to advocate interests of members in Lao PDR. Its principal objective is to promote and increase business between Lao PDR and the European States for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of its members.


The primary objectives of the Marketing Campaign are:

  1. Raising Awareness: The campaign is dedicated to significantly enhancing awareness of EuroCham Laos and its service offerings. Through targeted strategies, the aim is to amplify visibility and understanding among businesses and individuals in Laos, shedding light on the comprehensive advantages and resources that EuroCham Laos provides such as advocacy, networking opportunities, visibility and business services
  2. New Memberships: In tandem with raising awareness, the campaign places a strong emphasis on actively encouraging a higher number of local companies in Laos and outside Laos to join EuroCham Laos as members. The focal point is to effectively communicate the transformative benefits of membership, fostering enthusiasm and interest among businesses and compelling them to become integral contributors to EuroCham Laos.


Scope of Work:

  1. Rebranding EuroCham Laos: Develop a refreshed brand identity in the form of communication elements reaching to the target audience:
    -Newsletter e-magazine format structure
    -Membership scheme flyer, EuroCham info flyer and Business services flyer
    -Social media banners and buttons (FB, IG, LinkedIn)
    -EuroCham PPT template deck
    -Letter head and email signature
    -Email Campaign structure


  1. Content Creation: Produce engaging and informative content suitable for social media platforms, including visuals and videos showcasing EuroCham Laos services and Membership Benefits and call for action to join the association
    -15 Posts for social media purposes (5 per language: English, Lao, French)
    -3 short animated corporate video showcasing EuroCham Laos core services: Advocacy, Networking, Exposure, Business Services, Visibility. (1 per language)
  2. Editorial and Advertorial Content: Craft compelling articles for publication in domestic media and popular social channels.
    -Convey the history, recent activities, successes and re-branding of EuroCham Laos
    -Targeting Publications: Champa Meuang Lao, Vientiane Times, Laotian Times and domestic social media channels.


The work is expected to be consistent in terms of graphic style and colour palette with the new website soon to be launched.(link will be provided)


Marketing Campaign Duration:

The Marketing Campaign is expected to be launched from late April.

The deliverables should be transferred regularly during the contract, from April 1st and no later than May 31st (2 month contract)



The proposal must encompass:

  • Rebranding strategy, Content Creation, and Editorial Writing according to the Scope of Work and linked to the overall Objectives of the Marketing Campaign.
  • Proposed timeline for deliverables and marketing campaign timeline implementation
  • Overall for realization of strategy and all items within the scope of work . Third party costs such as social media boosting, media kit for publications in magazine etc should be separated and a suggested reference value should be provided(subject to change and confirmation).


A final report will be required for activities conducted and campaign implementation. EuroCham Laos requires possession of the created items for re-use in the future.
Items used for communication should be licensed and ready-to-use at no additional costs.


The dates for each deliverable will be agreed upon before signature of the contract.

Proposal Submission:
Interested firms should submit a detailed proposal, outlining their approach, experience, and methodology to accomplish the objectives mentioned above. The proposal must include both technical and financial aspects to achieve the objectives.

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals will be evaluated based on:

  • Firm’s experience and qualifications in similar projects.
  • Quality of the proposal.
  • Demonstrated expertise in rebranding, content creation, and promotional campaigns.
  • Alignment of proposed strategy with EuroCham Laos’s objectives.

Selection Process:

The selection process will employ a cumulative evaluation method considering both technical and financial proposals. Technical proposals will hold a 70% weight in the evaluation process while financial proposal will hold 30% weight.


Payment Schedule:
Payment will be divided into three stages:

  • 1st Payment: 25% upon submission and acceptance of the rebranding strategy.
  • 2nd Payment: 50% upon completion and approval of content creation.
  • Final Payment: 25% upon successful execution and delivery of all campaign materials.

Proposal Submission Deadline:

Interested bidders should submit their proposals by February 27th, 2024.
Decision will be made on March 5th


Queries and Clarifications:
Any inquiries or clarifications regarding this TOR should be directed to Enrico Bargnani at [email protected].