January 14, 2021 Lao PDR Economy

Lao Economy set to recover in 2021

According to the World Bank report released on 12th January 2021, the Lao economy is set to recover in 2021 and in the medium term, provided the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is tackled and business can resume with trading partners, even though the economic growth contracted in 2020. The latest Lao PDR Economic Monitor […]

December 21, 2020 News

Consultation Workshop on Lao PDR Tourism Recovery Roadmap for 2021 – 2025

Before COVID-19, tourism has contributed significantly to the Lao economy both in terms of income generation and employment. As part of UN Lao PDR Socio-Economic Response Framework to COVID-19 published in June 2020, A Consultation Workshop on Lao PDR Tourism Recovery Roadmap for 2021 – 2025 was chaired by Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism [...]
December 16, 2020 News

Press Conference on National E-commerce Platform to Support Lao SMEs

Lao SMEs will be able to sell their goods and products to customers in Laos and overseas after an upgrade of the national e-commerce operator website,, initiated by Department of Import and Export of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and LNCCI. The improved website provides useful information about online trading for businesses in [...]
October 7, 2020 News

Meeting of Chairs and Co-Chairs of Sector Working Groups

The meeting was chaired by H.E Dr. Kikeo Chanthaboury, Vice Minister of Planning and Investment and co-chaired by Ms. Sara Sekkenes, the UN Resident Coordinator in Lao PDR, with the participation of representatives from line Ministries, international organisations, several Ambassadors, ECCIL EuroCham Laos and other relevant development partners in Lao PDR. Through a half-day meeting, [...]
August 27, 2020 News

The New Law on Land of the Lao PDR

The new Law on Land No. 70/NA dated 21 June 2019 of the Lao PDR (the “2019 Land Law”) came into force on 27 August 2020, which among other things, includes new provisions concerning the limited ownership of land-use rights by foreigners under certain circumstances, and the limited ownership of individual units in a condominium [...]

ASEAN Business Awards Laos 2020

The ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) Laos aims to recognise outstanding Lao businesses and use them as champions to spread the knowledge of doing business in the ASEAN Economic Community. It aims to inspire and rally Lao businesses to participate in the integration process and become key players in the ASEAN market. On the bandwagon of [...]
July 30, 2020 Lao PDR, Lao PDR Economy, News

AMRO’s Annual Consultation Report for Lao PDR

We are sharing the latest Annual Consultation report for Lao PDR, published on 29th of July by AMRO (ASEAN+ Macroeconomic Research Office). "Lao PDR’s GDP growth is expected to slow sharply this year due to the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, calling for strong government action to safeguard public health and to support the [...]

Insolvency Regime – Key Questions & Answers

The new Enterprise Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy Law (No. 75/NA, 26 December 2019) (“Bankruptcy Law”) was passed on 26 December 2019 and became effective in June 2020. The Bankruptcy Law replaces the previous Law on Enterprise Bankruptcy (№ 06/NA, 14 October 1994) and is the primary legislation governing corporate rehabilitation and bankruptcy. Our member, DFDL Lao [...]
July 6, 2020 News

Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism Enterprises in Lao PDR: An Initial Assessment

ADB conducted surveys of tourism enterprises in four of the Lao PDR’s major tourism destinations in August 2019 and May 2020. Results of survey indicate that in May 2020 about half of the surveyed enterprises were temporarily closed. About 70% of the surveyed enterprises had reduced employees, with employee numbers falling by 38%. The negative [...]