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ASEAN Framework on digital data governance

ASEAN, with the right elements in place such as good and robust infrastructure, sound and progressive policies and governance frameworks, ASEAN’s potential for growth is tremendous. This Framework sets out the strategic priorities, principles and initiatives to guide ASEAN Member States in their policy and regulatory approaches towards digital data governance (which include both personal […]

PM’s Decree on List of Controlled and Concession Businesses (Lao Version)

The Prime Minister has finally signed the decree regarding the list of controlled businesses. However, only the Lao version of the document is available. The document has not yet been published in the Lao Gazette, nor on the relevant government websites. We are currently checking whether there is an English version and will come back […]

Lao PDR in international comparison – November 2018 (Updated)

This document provides an updated insight into socio-economic indicators concerning Laos, in comparison with other ASEAN countries and more broadly within the global economy. It is, therefore, an exhaustive overview of the economic potential but also obstacles of Laos, which provide a complete understanding for potential investors. Socio-economic data concerning Laos are put in perspective […]

Lao PDR Charts and Figures- January 2019

This document provides a panoply of important socio-economic data concerning Laos such as GDP indicators, employment per sector (agriculture, manufacture and services), population age, health expenditure, consumption per capita, income inequality, education indicator, corruption levels, competitiveness, price of water and electricity, etc. It begins with an updated background of Laos, SWOT analysis of the Lao […]

ECCIL Service Brochure

The European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR (ECCIL) is the only official representative of the European business community in Laos. We represent the interests of European businesses in Laos via our active engagement in advocacy and provision of information and tailor-made services. To access the full brochure, please click here:

Job Vacancy: Consultant for T4SD Hub Laos

January 11, 2019 ECCIL News, News

The International Trade Centre, under The Trade for Sustainable Development (T4SD) Programme is seeking an International Consultant to provide support in the establishment and implementation of a T4SD Hub in Laos. Keep reading

The ECCIL 2019 Networking Events Calendar- Update

January 11, 2019 ECCIL News, News

The 2019 ECCIL Networking Events Calendar is here with the updated day of events, including the newly set date for the first Top Executive Meeting to ever be held! These evenings are made possible by the generous sponsorship of our members and others so we are now asking for expressions of interest in sponsoring one […]