ECCIL is able to supports its members in representing their business interests towards the Lao government.

ECCIL aims to act as European “single business voice” in Lao PDR and to promote the interests of its members, ECCIL engages in constructive dialogue with the Lao ministries and other Lao authorities to raise issues and voice opinions on behalf of its members.

How does it work?

ECCIL is currently in the process of setting up Advocacy Working Groups with its members. We look forward to welcoming interested companies that want to make a change in business, policy and standardisation in Lao PDR in our Advocacy Working Groups.

The Advocacy working groups meet regularly to discuss issues and bring recommendations to be shared through the year during the Trade and Public Sector Working Group meetings and, ultimately, raised during the annual Lao Business Forum.

Suggestions and outcomes from advocacy will be compiled and presented in an Annual White Book to the Government of Lao PDR.

What are the expected outcomes?

Taking part to an ECCIL EuroCham Laos Working group is an opportunity to constructively influence public policy to support a better business climate and attract new economic opportunities. Advocacy groups are particularly important for SMEs as they give them a greater forum for making their opinions heard as well.

Our Previous Advocacy work

Service Detail

Advocacy Working Group Guidelines

If you are interested in setting-up an advocacy working group at ECCIL EuroCham Laos, please be referred to our Advocacy Working Group Guidelines for further details or contact us by email at

Email: [email protected].

Tel: +856 21 264 330