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Lao SMEs will be able to sell their goods and products to customers in Laos and overseas after an upgrade of the national e-commerce operator website,, initiated by Department of Import and Export of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and LNCCI.

The improved website provides useful information about online trading for businesses in Laos via the online trading operator as well as promoting this operator as the national online trading channel.

The Plaosme 2.0 system features an online payment gateway and logistics service that buyers and customers can pay for their goods and take delivery more easily.
Meanwhile, a law is being prepared to regulate the system and protect online buyer and sellers

Currently, there are over 600 business units across the country registered on, offering close to 1,700 products for sale.

The press conference on the new system took place at LNCCI on 14th of December 2020, with the objective to strengthen SMEs by helping them to expand their customer base via digital trading, which will attract more buyers, both domestically and from other countries.