Uniqtek Lao

Uniqtek Lao
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Contact Person: Maxime VANKEERSBLLCKE
City: Vientiane, Lao PDR
Website: www.uniqteklao.com

Uniqtek Lao operates in two sections:

  • is a professional supplier of survey equipment namely, land survey equipment, UAV, Mining equipment, Environment equipment, Hydro Power and electrical-mechanical equipment
  • provides surveying solutions and installation of electrical works, and network cabling.

Uniqtek Lao is is a leading company who supplies GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) in Lao PDR.

Uniqtek Lao also serve their customers in the consultation and provide survey solutions such as aerial mapping, topographic survey, cadastral survey, reference stations, and project solutions such as transmission line survey and design, hydro power survey, mining application, road and bridge survey, land management system, irrigation mapping and survey, and other customer tailored GIS solutions.