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As a manager you may need to write the report for your boss, marketing officer may need to write content to promote your products or services, every position and department may need to write email or letter to explain an issue or proposal.

Effective writing is a powerful tool in business environment. The writing style you use in these materials differs from personal writing and can affect the response you get from your colleagues, clients or audience.

Learn how to articulate your thoughts in a clear and concise manner that will allow your ideas to be better understood by your readers. Improve your business writing skill by learning to select and use appropriate formats for your audience, use the correct medium and adjust your writing style accordingly, as well as identify your objective and communicate it clearly. You'll also learn to proofread business documents to avoid the most common writing pitfalls, and gain valuable experience analyzing, writing and revising a wide spectrum of business documents.

Therefore, this training is what you needed, in order to proceed to the next level of your career path. Let’s join!

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Know types of business writing and choose the right one
  • Manage the writing process and organizing your thoughts
  • Deliver efficient message by using the right tools
  • Revise a document by using strategies
  • Write a good business reports, memos and minutes of meeting
  • Finalize business correspondences writing with a focus on services and products offered to customers

Who should attend?

Manager, Head of division, HR, Marketing, Whoever want to develop their writing skills

About the trainer:

Experienced trainer with more than 20 years’ international experience in both the public and private sectors as Senior Manager and Executive Director in HR, QHSE, Business Administration and Change Management. Graduated with 2 Executive MBAs from Columbia University in New York, as well as from London Business School. Over my career and in charge of Document Control, I understood why effective business writing was a key success factor, especially in a world where customers and employees are overwhelmed by information. Anything of significance that you want to achieve in business will exist at some point as a written document. Writing gives form to the complex ideas, relationships, and details that make business happen.

Event details:

Venue: Zoom Meeting

Date:    29th of September - 1st of October 2021

Time:    13.30-15.30

Language:  English

Participant fees:

Member:          USD 83 / person

Non-member:    USD 97 / person

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[email protected],

Tel: 021 264330