Event Info:

  • 27 Jan 2022
  • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Crowne Plaza Vientiane, Samsenthai Road, Vientiane
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How do you turn lots of information into a good business report?

A business report is a powerful communication tool. It helps businesses make decisions and solve problems. Reports are essential to the development of a business: projects are bid for, initiated, monitored, and closed by those reading reports designed to inform a decision best for the business.  A good report will not only contain all the facts and figures required for that decision but must be presented with the reader in mind. Understanding your audience is key; get the structure, message and presentation right and the reader will be engaged from the first word.

In this interactive course you will learn how to write a well-constructed business report and apply report writing principles. This course covers practical skills needed to produce readable and actionable business reports. This course is ideal for anyone who has to write or contribute to business reports. You’ll learn to craft each report around a concise high-level message, supported by logically ordered support points.

Therefore, this training is what you needed, in order to proceed to the next level of your career path. Let’s join!

By the end of the workshop participants will learn:

  • Identify and adapt general guidelines to make the right decisions for their own report
  • Apply the basic report-writing process to their situation
  • Adapt to their readers’ expectations for more impact
  • Convey a credible and easily readable message
  • Compose concise messages using a structured writing process
  • Craft their own business report
  • Gain a lot of time writing efficient business report.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in learning how to write efficiently business and technical report
  • Business professionals

Language:  English

About the trainers

Experienced trainer with more than 20 years’ international experience in both the public and private sectors as Senior Manager and Executive Director in HR, QHSE, Business Administration and Change Management. Graduated with 2 Executive MBAs from Columbia University in New York, as well as from London Business School.

Over my career many of the decisions I made were based on technical business reports: what oriented my decisions? I also, of course, had to produce myself many reports to convince different stakeholders to engage into new projects or just to prove the shareholders/CEO that our quarterly or annually results were following a good trend or compliant with our expectations or even better. These effective reports were key to the successful development of our branch. Over the time, I learnt how to apply timeless report-writing principles to any scenario. Whether you write annual reports or board reports, leadership reports or marketing reports, operational reports or business submissions, your audience is pressed for time. So, you’ll learn to craft each report around a concise high-level message.

Event details:

Venue: Crowne Plaza Vientiane

Date:    27th January 2022

Time:    9.00-17.00

Participation fees:

Member:          USD 149 / person

Non-member:    USD  169 / person

For more information and registration please contact:


[email protected],

Tel: 021 264330