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Our member, VDB Loi, is organising a webinar on "Transferring shares and M&A Transactions" in CLMV region", that we are pleased to share with our network.


Some of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic markets from an M&A perspective are also the most unpredictable when it comes to tax treatment and regulatory requirements. Take for example, offshore indirect transfers (“OITs”), where a foreign SPV that owns 100% of a local subsidiary is bought or sold. Does that widespread practice trigger local taxes, approvals, and registrations? How about share transfers that are executed in counterparts overseas, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. How long does it take before the ownership actually changes in the local company’s country authority? These and other hot, practical issues are the subject of our short briefing by VDB Loi experts. We share our case studies, our war stories, and point out the best way to plan your next M&A transaction in the region.

Highlights of the webinar

  • Cambodia has a new capital gains tax going into effect next year. Why you may already be trapped.
  • The new 2% Laos tax on transferring shares: Does it apply to everyone?
  • Are local investment approvals required if you sell the holding company?
  • Key takeaways when selling shares in a Myanmar company
  • Vietnam taxes OITs: Do the tax treaties exempt you anyway?
  • A long, long time between signing the deal and registering the share transfer: how to mitigate that risk
  • Post-deal disputes on capital gains tax calculation: how they can play out in reality

Daodeuane Duangdara, Partner at VDB Loi, is one of the speaker. 

Daodeuane is regarded as one of Laos’s most experienced and knowledgeable tax advisers. She has over 20 years of experience, including leading the tax team at PwC in Laos, and prior to that, working at a top regional law firm.

Daodeuane has provided tax and legal advisory services to a large number of multinational and local firms in Laos across a wide range of sectors, including mining, hydropower, gas exploration and banking, and has formed excellent working relationships with the government authorities in Laos – in particular with the Tax Department.

With a Bachelor’s in Education from the National University of Laos and a Diploma in Business Administration and Accounting, Daodeuane leads our very experienced tax team and has extensive knowledge with regard to tax and legal advice, tax compliance, tax planning and structuring, tax and legal due diligence, acquisitions and mergers, and corporate and investment advisory.

Date: Tuesday 8th of June 2021
Time: 13.00 - 14.15 GMT+7
Venue: Online event