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Are you and your staffs able to recognize the most important pieces of information that can help you with big, life-changing decisions making?

In your daily routine, you may find issues. Even it is just a small thing, it can lead to a bigger problem if you don’t possess an ability to create the best solution.

Critical thinking is a basic tool you must have for your personal and professional life. People exercise critical thinking by using rationality to determine what to do or believe in a specific situation. Employees who can engage in critical thinking are reflective, independent, and competent. If you practice critical thinking, you logically connect ideas, scrutinize, and evaluate arguments, find inconsistencies and errors in your work and the work of others, solve complex problems, and engage in reflection.

Therefore, this workshop is what you needed, in order to proceed to the next level of your career path. Let’s join!

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Increase curiosity and able to Identify issues
  2. Analyse and collect necessary information
  3. Examine and scrutinize: Logical thinking
  4. Abstract data to tangible results: Decision making and data relevance
  5. Explain complex issues in a simple manner
  6. Make better conclusion

Who should attend?

Manager, Head of division, HR, officer, and those who want to improve their decision making and reinforce complex problem-solving ability

Language:  English

About trainer:

The trainer has over 15 years’ experience in management in telecom, advertising and hospitality industries. His experience in all levels of management has led the trainer to make consistent critical decisions regarding business operations, personnel management, marketing, as well as business negotiation. The trainer has his master’s in marketing from the university of Wales and is a certified digital marketer from Google and Inbound marketer from Hubspot. The trainer vast experience with customers of large corporate clients, business owners, as well as direct customers. He has his proficient with modern customer service activities and it well versed in digital and social media to deliver customer excellence.

Event details:

Venue: Zoom Meeting

Date:    22nd - 24th September 2021

Time:    9.00-11.00

Participation fees:

Member:          USD 70 / person

Non-member:    USD  82 / person

For more information and registration please contact:


[email protected],

Tel: 021 264330