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With the continuation of the Prime Minister’s orders on measures for COVID-19 prevention and control until 4 June 2021, our member DFDL has pulled together a guide on some of the current Government initiatives and support available to businesses in the Lao PDR. In our guide, we provide details on:
  • Banking & Finance: The latest credit policies and guidelines for commercial banks and financial institutions. As a business, you should discuss with your bank whether a postponement of loan repayments and interest is applicable to your situation, whether your loan can be restructured, or whether new financing is available.
  • Employment & Labor: Businesses should consider the applicable regulations when amending employment terms and conditions, what unemployment benefits may be available to staff, whether a business can delay social security contributions and whether there will be a reduction in utilities fees.
  • Taxation: Businesses should also note the extension for filing of the FY2020 financial statement and also the new policies on taxation exemptions and extensions.