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Five ministries joint discussions to Draft MOU on Risk Management and Coordination Mechanisms

The meeting was held in 30th July 2021 at Import-Export Department, Ministry of Industry and Commerce chaired by the Deputy Director General of at Import-Export Department, Mr. Mouavixay Palee attended by relevant sectors. The session discussed through the “(Draft) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the implementation of risk management and coordination mechanisms to facilitate the import-export of goods at international checkpoints”.

The purpose of this meeting aims to improve better procedures, quicker time of inspection and faster import-export goods, in order to be streamlined and uniform at all international checkpoints across the country.

This request to have the same practice for risk management and coordination mechanisms between 4 units including the Department of Customs, Ministry of Finance, the Department of Food and Drug, the Ministry of Health, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Livestock and Fishery, Ministry of Agriculture and Forest.

“From the first meeting, there are some points still need to be clarified especially products checking principle for low, medium and high-risk products” Mr. Mouavixay said.

Officials from the department has been working collaboratively with relevant officials at the First Friendship Bridge to collect real information from the work field providing the same understanding for low-risk products (Green pass) are not required to check while relevant sectors suggested that notification from ASYCUDA System should be added as information for monitoring process. Documents for medium-risk products (Yellow pass) as well as the approval of the checking result from tax and relevant divisions through ASYCUDA System are required. While both documents and products of high-risk products are required to be check together with the approval of the checking result from tax and relevant divisions through ASYCUDA System.

However, there are still some challenges occurred for the implementation for instance limited of venue and human resources for products checking process. Mr. Mouavixay also mentioned that the full draft of this MoU will be sent to Tax Department to check before proceed to the next step.

Source: LaoTradePortal