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In light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, ECCIL EuroCham Laos will be disseminating the announcemens of the Governement of Lao PDR, in order to update you in the most efficient way possible.

The English translations are provided by ECCIL EuroCham team and might be subject to corrections by relevant authorities.

PMO 15, dated 21st of April 2021

The Prime Minister of Laos has ordered a 14-day lockdown for Vientiane Capital in the wake of a surge of recent COVID-19 new cases, The notice stipulates 18 measures for COVID-19 prevention and control. The Order came into force on 22nd of April until 5th of May.

Notice 0307/MoIC, dated 22nd April 2021

  • Retail and Wholesale businesses like grocery stores, medical center, pharmacy, agriculture tools’ store both in or not located in commercial buildings, department store, supermarket, fresh market, petrol station and liquefied petroleum gas store are allowed to remain open;
  • For businesses permitted to remain open, safety measures must be strictly implemented and followed by both business owners and customers. Among the measures, offering separate entry and exit doors, temperature check point at the entrance, hand sanitizer, and facemask available at the entrance and counter, respecting social distancing of at least one meter, regular cleaning of equipment and materials for instance;
  • Public sector and Trading companies to ensure consumers goods are not running out of stock;
  • Encourage the remain open businesses to use online platforms to avoid crowd;
  • For all business facing difficulties, it is recommended to contact the task force committee.

Notice 242/MoPWT, dated 23rd April 2021

  • Public transportation to provinces, inside Vientiane Capital and within provinces are suspended;
  • Railway transportation from Laos-Thai is not allowed but movement of goods is permitted under the rules provided by the special committee and agreement agreed by both sides;
  • Domestic and cross-borders trade and movement of goods are allowed under following rules. For flammable liquids, liquid products, gas, asphalt, hazardous products, perishable goods (alive animal, freeze meat, fresh fruit etc…), raw materials used for production to export which considered as tax exemption aligned with the Government’s policy, tools and equipment, plant that import for government’s projects e.g.: Laos-China railway construction, hydropower dam, medical items to come as support against the pandemic and disaster that not able to unload or representing safety risks for safety unloading, are approved for international trucks to deliver to the final destination in Lao PDR, upon providing a letter of guarantee including:
    • Negative COVID-19 test for the driver with the Taskforce committee at the border
    • Route details with departure and arrival points
    • Packing list
    • Project owners or distributors contact details
    • Details of accommodation, including meals, of the driver while staying in Laos.
  • Transport Company must ensure safety of the workplace through:
    • cleaning and decontamination by spray of the truck’s cabin and cargo container prior any upload of goods in every container
    • keeping a daily record of drivers temperature checks
    • encouraging employees to get vaccinated and to strictly follow barriers measures
  • The drivers must:
    • holds his/her driving licence, ID and truck documents at all times
    • wear mask
    • record timeline
    • check his/her temperature on daily basis
    • No passenger is allowed.
    • Guarantee letter of negative COVID-19 must be dated 72hrs beforehand the trip and has a 7-days of validity

Notice 0323/MoIC, dated 26thApril 2021

  • Garment and footwear manufacturers are requested to suspend operations until the 5th of May 2021 except factories providing dormitories to their employees;
  • The factories which are allowed to remain open must comply strictly with safety measures