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Congratulations to our valued member Digital Classifieds or Yula.la for the well organised two-day event and to @HospitalityTourismManagementHTM for their wonderful presentation from 1st-2nd March 2019! It was Laos’ first ever specialised real estate investment expo, held at Don Chan Palace, featuring a collection of the nation’s leading property developers, constructors, design firms, agencies, land sellers, law firms, banks & financiers, insurers, Government representatives and related businesses; all under one roof! A dedicated seminar room also offered investors and local buyers the chance to learn more about real estate law and practice in Laos, investment prospects and common pitfalls in the industry. There were approximately 40 exhibitors and sponsors and over 3000 local and international guests.

We would also like to thank Yula.la for sharing this opportunity with us and we look forward to collaborating with you all again.

For more information on the event, feel free to follow their Facebook account @yula.lao and please click here to learn more about HTM’s various services.